Family Therapy

Family therapy can be useful in a variety of situations.  Family members can attend therapy together or separately in order to best meet their therapeutic needs.  Family therapy is most common in situations in which there is marital discord, parental separation or divorce, sibling rivalry, loss of a close family or friend, as well as other issues.  It is helpful for the therapist to meet with as many family members, either together or separately, in order to help identify the needs of the family and effectively devise a treatment plan for the family unit.  If there are custody issues, you will need to provide court documentation in order to have your child(ren) participate in therapy.  Please note that I am not a court approved therapist to make decisions or recommendations regarding custody and if you are actively involved in a divorce proceeding or custody dispute, I will provide you with a referral as this is not my area of expertise and you would be better served by a professional trained specifically for these types of cases.