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Insurance Information



TELETHERAPY SERVICES AVAILABLE IN IDAHO, CALIFORNIA & FLORIDA You must check with your insurance company to make sure they cover teletherapy prior to scheduling a session. Also, some insurances require a certain Teletherapy system to be used and at this time I use Doxy which is HIPAA compliant but some particular insurances may not allow teletherapy on a system other than their own. My license requires that for teletherapy, you must be located in either Idaho, California or Florida at the time of the session.

IDAHO INSURANCES ACCEPTED: Idaho Medicaid / Optum Idaho, Tri-Care, Regence Blue Shield, Idaho Blue Cross, IPN, Cigna, Aetna PPO and Aetna Whole Health Plans, Mountain Health Co-Op (Link, Access and Engage Plans), Bright Path, St. Luke's Health Partners, Pacific Source (BrightIdea) and Select Health Commercial Plans. It is your responsibility to check if I am in-network with your specific plan.

CALIFORNIA INSURANCES ACCEPTED: Anthem Blue Cross PPO, Blue Shield PPO, HealthNet, MHN, Cigna, Aetna (some plans only cover Teletherapy through TeleDoc which I am not able to use), United Health Care (United Behavioral Health), and Tri-Care. It is your responsibility to check if I am in-network with your specific plan. 

FLORIDA INSURANCES ACCEPTED: I am not in-network with any specific Florida insurance plans but you may be able to use your Blue Cross/Blue Shield PPO plans for Telehealth (most HMO plans are restrictive to FL providers only).  Also, the following insurances generally allow me to bill from out-of-state: Cigna, Aetna (some plans only cover Teletherapy through TeleDoc which I am not able to use), United Health Care (United Behavioral Health), and Tri-Care. It is your responsibility to check if I am in-network with your specific plan.

If I am not in-network with your insurance company, I can provide you with a SuperBill which allows you to seek partial reimbursement from your insurance company using your Out-of-Network Benefits.  The way a SuperBill works is that you would be seeing me as a cash-pay client and I will provide you with a SuperBill showing that you paid for a session.  You would then submit the SuperBill directly to your insurance company and they will then reimburse you directly at the Out-of-Network rate that is available on your plan.  I cannot verify your Out-of-Network benefits for you, so you will need to call your insurance company directly and inquire about this option.  Most clients report getting reimbursed in approximately 1-2 weeks.

Rate & Fee Information


  • Initial Intake Session $250 and all sessions thereafter are $200

  • If using insurance, your copay, co-insurance and/or deductible is due at the time of the session

  • The use of insurance does require a diagnosis and medical necessity criteria to be met 

  • Sessions are approximately 50-55 minutes


  • Assessment fee of $35 per couple paid at the time of taking the assessment, prior to feedback sessions

  • Program fee of $960 includes 6 in-depth feedback sessions to review the assessment, participate in personalized exercises based on results, and engage in discussions to further enhance the relationship.  Additional feedback sessions can be added at the rate of $160 per session.

  • The Program Fee is due prior to attending the 6 feedback sessions and can be broken into 2 payments for convenience

  • All fees for the program are non-refundable

  • Insurance cannot be used for this program as it is not a mental health / diagnosis based program.  Should a mental health diagnosis be found to be a contributing factor to the relationship, we can discuss becoming a counseling client after the program

  • Feedback Sessions are approximately 50-55 minutes each


When used as a complementary therapeutic intervention within your counseling session, neurofeedback is generally covered by insurance. However, it is recommended that when choosing this option, you attend sessions at least twice a week to allow appropriate time for both services. The neurofeedback portion of a counseling session will be shorter than a full neurofeedback session and will be approximately 15 minutes of your full session.

Neurofeedback sessions without counseling / talk therapy sessions are not covered by insurance and have the following rates:

  • Initial Intake Session $150 and all sessions thereafter are $125  

  • Packages can be purchased after an initial intake session at a discounted rate:  

    • 5 Sessions for $450 ($90 per session)

    • 10 Sessions for $800 ($80 per session)

    • 20 Sessions for $1400 ($70 per session)

  • Packages are non-transferrable but may be used within your own immediate family for multiple family members 

  • Packages expire one-year from the date of purchase

  • Most people prefer to attend Neurofeedback sessions more than once a week, especially when just getting started

  • Neurofeedback sessions are approximately 40 minutes (33 minutes of Neurofeedback + prep and clean up time)



  • For any written report and/or form that is needed, the fee is $50 per page  

  • This fee is to be paid in advance



  • For any court appearances the rate is $1500 per half day and $2500 for a full day 

    • This fee is to be paid in advance and requires at least a 4 week notice to allow ample time for me to make time in my schedule  

  • For any phone consultation with an attorney, mediator, etc., the fee is $200 per hour charged in increments of 15 minutes

    • This must be arranged in advance and paid within 24 hours of receiving the invoice​ with a late fee of $25 per day



  • All appointments cancelled with less than a 24-hour notice or missed appointments are charged at $125

    • If you are more than 10 minutes late to your session, it will be considered a no-show

  • Each client will be required to have a credit card kept on file in order to process this fee should this occur 

  • Please note that this fee has decreased from the previous full-rate fee 


I prefer payment in the form of cash for in-person services but am able to accept credit card payments (Visa or Mastercard). Personal checks are only accepted by clients who have an active credit card on file. All payments are due at the time of service. For teletherapy sessions, an invoice will be sent via email and it is to be paid within 24 hours of receipt or you may keep a credit card on file for your session fees.



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