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Talk Therapy / Counseling


When deciding to go to counseling, talk therapy is the best place to start working with your therapist to identify your current struggles and to set therapeutic goals and ways you can achieve those goals. 

Individual therapy is a naturally unfolding process in which the client and therapist are able to identify the therapeutic needs of the client and help develop a plan and set of tools in order to handle those needs. The therapist and client collaborate to define the goals of therapy and the means to achieve those goals. Individual therapy can help individuals with a variety of issues such as depression, anxiety, building self-esteem, trauma, addictions, parent-child conflict, eating disorders, and a variety of other mood and behavioral problems. Individual therapy can work in many different ways. Through the experience of talking and being together, both the therapist and client reach an understanding and a shared experience of what is going on under the surface. Once this happens, opportunities for new experiences emerge and change is then possible.

Therapy session

Family therapy can be useful in a variety of situations.  Family members can attend therapy together or separately in order to best meet their therapeutic needs.  Family therapy is most common in situations in which there is marital discord, parental separation or divorce, sibling rivalry, loss of a close family or friend, as well as other issues.  It is helpful for the therapist to meet with as many family members, either together or separately, in order to help identify the needs of the family and effectively devise a treatment plan for the family unit.  If there are custody issues, you will need to provide court documentation in order to have your child(ren) participate in therapy.  Please note that I am not a court approved therapist to make decisions or recommendations regarding custody and if you are actively involved in a divorce proceeding or custody dispute, I will provide you with a referral as this is not my area of expertise and you would be better served by a professional trained specifically for these types of cases.

Couples therapy seeks to identify the sources of conflict in a relationship and provide healthy ways of resolving such conflicts. Couples therapy is an alternative to divorce or separation for some couples. It may also be sought by couples in the process of a divorce or separation to help them deal with the changes and emotions being experienced so that the process is dealt with in a healthy manner. Such counseling may benefit both the couple and any children who may be affected by negative feelings such as anger and vindictiveness. Couples therapy can also be useful for pre-marital discussions to discuss topics which may otherwise not arise prior to getting married.


I also offer a pre-marital / marital program called Prepare Enrich which is a package of sessions based around the results of an online relationship assessment of strengths and growth areas.  For more information on this offering, see the page on Prepare Enrich under Services Offered. 

Group therapy is often useful for individuals to join together to discuss a certain topic in which they can offer each other education and support. Please stay tuned for more information on upcoming group therapy sessions.  If you feel you have a need for a group therapy session, please contact me for further information so I can gauge the possible interest for starting a group.  

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